VR design sessionLive Design with 3D workspace scanning

Freedom’s Live Design process allows architects, designers, and owners to immerse themselves in the design process. It helps share ideas, communicate design intent and specify products with finishes in virtual space. It incorporates the latest innovations in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D scanning and other digital workspace design aids. Changes are made live in VR eliminating costly on-site changes. Easy interface with Revit helps architects include furniture plan as part of the building master plan.

Freedom’s 3D scanner creates a virtual model of the existing workspace.  Great for collaborating on project plans with owners, contractors, architects, designers, etc. This service can be obtained on its own or as part of Live Design.

3D ScanningExpertise and Deliverables:


• Fully immersive 3D Virtual Walk Through
• Photo accurate 3D “Doll House” model of your project
• Floor plans of existing space
• CAD or Revit files
• Live Design session
• Virtual Space incorporating building finishes
• VR Furniture selection with Oculus Rift
• VR finish selection with Oculus Rift
• Revit family file with furnishings


 3d Printing3D Printing

Freedom uses 3D printing as a physical extension of the virtual reality experience for your workspace. 3D models improve communication and speed, reducing errors and improving customer experience.


Workplace Strategy, Change Management, and Space Maximization

At Freedom, we believe workplace design can have a significant impact on your organization. Freedom workspace specialists can share the latest workplace research and how superior design can better support workers. During the earliest phases of our relationship, we’ll coordinate with you and your design partners to translate your needs into a strategic solution that supports your brand, your people, your work, and your culture.

Installation, Configuration, and Warranty Support

Service after the sale is at the heart of our company. The delivery process is vital to the success of any project. Freedom’s owner and president started in the industry as a project manager, her commitment to following the process and execution excellence in built into the very foundation of what we do.


Workspace Technologies

  • We believe that effects of sound and light on workers’ well-being and productivity are profound and substantiated.  Integrating technology into overall building design can help lower construction costs while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and provide a healthy work environment for the workforce. Freedom is able to integrate building technologies including Audio/Visual, access control, sound masking and mass notification systems as part of the overall workspace solution or as a stand-alone project.