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workSince the 1990s, many studies have confirmed that the space in which we work strongly affects our output. One such study found that people who are happy with their environment can do as much work in four days as people who dislike their workspace do in five. Additionally companies are looking for ways to attract new talent and emphasize wellness and engagement with current employees.


downloadFluid, mobile, collaborative, transparent, open – these are the buzz words that are driving office trends. Today’s knowledge workers expect an atmosphere that encourages productivity and creativity, which means doing away with rigid, monolythic designs in favor of more casual settings. Open plan offices while solving many of these issues present a new set of challenges. To avoid being caught between management’s vision and the workers who have to live with it, workspace professionals need to be involved with space planning and design.

learnFreedom workspace consultants can share the latest office configurations and how they support workers. See how businesses create zones using touchdown areas for collaboration, quiet spaces for focused work, kitchens and cafes for refreshment, and wellness features that encourage health.

With Freedom, you get the best professionals in the field since our own business model emphasizes investment into our own workforce through continuous education.

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