Office Furniture

Fluid, mobile, collaborative, transparent, open – these are the buzz words that are driving office trends. Today’s knowledge workers expect an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and creativity. However, open plan offices present a new set of challenges and workspace professionals need to be involved as early in the project as possible to help design space that fits both aesthetics and function.

Freedom workspace specialists can share the latest office configurations and how they support workers. See how businesses create zones using touchdown areas for collaboration, quiet spaces for focused work, kitchens and cafes for refreshment, and wellness features that encourage health. Our innovative Live Design process streamlines product specification. Changes are made in virtual space, thus reducing or eliminating costly on-site changes.

Our staff of factory trained designers and project managers are ready to make your workspace happy, healthy and productive.

Kore-WishArchitectural Products

Demountable Partitions

Architectural walls are manufactured off-site, shipped and quickly assembled, drastically reducing construction time and labor requirements. From glass storefronts and conference to entire interior construction packages pre-manufactured walls are an excellent alternative to traditional construction and support better on-time project performance. Simple, fast installation also mean clean site and fewer disruptions and distractions.


As workplace needs evolve and include more collaborative spaces, movable walls can easily adapt for quick reconfiguration.

Put simply, an architectural wall system can be used in multiple places, for multiple applications, it’s not only flexible, but too valuable not to use. With corporate footprints ever changing, the ability to reuse wall product and redefine space is a tremendous benefit to any organization.

20160328_115438Signage and Artwork

  • Artwork and signage is a powerful branding tool, don’t let your walls go to waste! Your art speaks volumes about who you are and what you do.
  • Navigation from place to place is a fundamental human activity and an integral part of everyday life. An architectural signage system provides a series of changeable signs to direct, identify, regulate and inform occupants in a facility. Modular signs are both sustainable and easy to maintain. When change inevitably happens, you can update by simply replacing the message, not the entire sign. This adaptability helps preserve your wayfinding investment for years to come.

 Audio/Visual / Access Control / Sound Masking

We create more privacy, greater comfort and improved safety because we understand the uniquely human side of technology, how it connects to us and enriches our lives. Sound masking allows for greater workforce productivity for the modern open office environments. Mass notification systems can be configured as part of your sound masking solution or as a plug in module into existing A/V infrastructure. Freedom uses a holistic design approach to privacy requirements and when implemented early enough in the process, can help customers reduce construction costs and improve comfort.